Wednesday, June 13, 2018

John Shooter

Its about 2pm. Adam with his mother walks around inside a crowded shopping centre. They've been here for an hour looking for family clothes.

Adam suddenly felt something wrong with this crowd

"Mom, can we move to another place?" ask him "I guess we've searched enough shops here."

"No," Mom answered "We'll check two more and we'll compare the prices with the others"

"Mom, i dont feel good about this"

"About what? You have a feeling you're going to see your ex here?" Mom looks from countless row of shops to Adam and back.

"No, mom. It's something else" said Adam with low voice

"Like what?" his mother seems to get annoyed

"I dont know, mom." grumble Adam "Just be quick" he continued, "please."

His Mother stops and stares to him for a moment, then walks again, ignoring Adam's bad feeling.


A black jacketed man brings a big brown backpack and merges with the crowd. That place is so crowded nobody even notices whats wrong with this man, except for him. He knew something is about to happen right here and its big enough for him to prevent from happening.

He puts in his phone then also starts to merges with the crowd following the black jacketed man.

The black jacketed man slowly observes his surrounding to find a way to some place and do the thing he has to do. While the man who followed him tries to blend with the crowd. It doesnt take long until the black jacketed man finally chooses his way.

He doesnt know whether the black jacketed man aware or not of his presence. But it doesnt matter, the only objective is to stop from whatever the black jacketed man going to do.

"That bag," said a woman on his earpiece "Its enough to blow up the whole building if its placed on the right place. Make sure it doesnt detonate, or at least, make it detonates out of the building"
"I dont know, Martha. I dont think we can bring it outside in time. He's going to the place far from any exit."
She sighs. "Then make your own exit out of there"

The black jacketed man walks to the corridor on the right and disappears from his sight. Then, when he catches up, he found them both alone in the corridor.

A brief silence occurs on the corridor

"I'd knew you'll follow me, Mr.Jack." The black jacketed man finally speaks in a deep, sluggish voice.
"What do you want?" He presses his voice.
"I just want you to follow me, sir. Nothing more."
"Spit it out."
"Unfortunately, sir. I don't bring my cake to here." The black jacketed man says while turns around to face him. "I left it somewhere, somewhere you didnt pass while following me, sir."

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